Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This isn't your average sparkly Edward Cullen (Vampire Look)

When i do stuff like this it reminds me how much I love makeup, it can transform a healthy looking female into someone who looks like they just rose from the grave, I hope you enjoy, cause im rather proud of this.. 

I started out with her having a clean face, when you are working with dark colors you are going to get alot of fallout, I packed on a matte black all over the lid and into the crease, this takes time, build the color slowly so you get an even application, it's easy to add it's not easy to take away. so just be careful i then blended a red into the crease and all the way up to the brow, at the crease it's going to turn purple which is what you want it to do, i packed on a generous amount of red to get it to really stand out. I then blended the black and red under the eyes pretty thickly, blend very very well to get a tired/dead look I then lined the upper and lower waterline then smudged a little at the lashline 

For the face i mixed her regular foundation with a white cream makeup that you get in your average Halloween makeup kit, at first it was hard to blend then i used my fingers and it really melted into her face. 
I then took a matte white eyeshadow and set it to get a completely matte finish, I mixed a matte grey and brown together and contoured her face making her face look sunken in 

For her lips i mixed a red and a dark berry, i didn't line her lips this look can have messy lipstick cause it makes you look like you just ate something delish.. lol 

I then applied fake blood to her chin and neck 

 ^this is my favorite pic!

I had SOOO much fun doing this! i hope this is helpful if you want to be a Vampire, and if you remove the blood this could work for any evil costume! 

stay scary ya'll! 

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  1. Fabulous job sweetie! She looks great! I can't wait for halloween! =)

    - Marisa <3