Monday, January 23, 2012

She Dreams Of Paradise..

Happy Monday guys! so i was feeling the winter blues and I've been hooked on the Coldplay song Paradise so I came up with something fun and colorful! 

I started off by priming my lid with Twofaced shadow insurance then i added the NYX base in skin tone I used my EFL 100 eyeshadow palette, I packed on the lime green on the lid leaving the innercorner i then worked a teal from the same ELF palette in the crease. I then used a white for the innercorner and brow highlight, I used liquid eyeliner and winged it out a little, I added a purple eyeliner to the waterline and bottom laseline then topped everything with some mascara

I contoured with a matte bronzer from NYC in goddess then i used a peachy blush on the backs of my cheeks, I used my Revlon Lip butter in Tutti Frutti! i LOVE it so much!

 And thats it for the look, it was really simple and super fun to wear!
Have a awesome day! <3's and glitter!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Neutral with a tangerine pop!

Hey guys! so i was going for something super simple and pretty, but with an element of surprise
this is what i came up with

I used a light shimmery champagne color all over the lid, I then used a matte brown in the crease. I lined my upper lashline and added mascara and voila! thats it! super simple right?

I was going to go with a nude lip, but i just bought Revlon's lip butter in tutti fruity? i think.. it's the orange one so i decided to try it and i fell in loovveee it is sooo creamy and pigmented! That was 2 swipes! 2! and it's such a luxurious feel and it was under 8 dollars! i have 3 of them, and i plan on getting wayy more!

well i hope you guys have an awesome day! <3s to you all!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Purple Haze (Smokey Eye) FOTD

Hello and Happy Thursday/Friday! i hope you had a fab week! i know i did! 
well here is the look and i hope you like it! <3 have a awesome weekend! 

I wanted to do something a little funky and this is it I used my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette
and i used a bright pink lipstick

please excuse the undereye circles, i hadn't been sleeping much and the concealer i used was crap

I loved wearing this, it was so pretty, def not an everyday look.. but something to wear out clubbing or to a party!

Have a great night guys! <3

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Girl Crush (Nina Dobrev) and a little bit of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley

I have a serious problem, and that is I'm hopelessly in girl love with Nina Dobrev, can anyone be prettier!? I think NOT, she is always stunning and very humble and sweet, I watched her on Degrassi AGES ago.. but I didn't have the girl crush until recently, I love her almost as much as I love Ian..

I cannot put into words how Stunning this girl is.. she always looks and acts like a lady and is an amazing amazing actress, she looked flawless at the PCA's where she won Best Actress in a Drama, which is well deserved, She is one of the best actresses I've seen in a long time, with her emotion being so spot on, when this girl cries i cry, which isn't saying much.. I'm pretty much a sucker for anything sappy, But I think I've cried more with "Elena Gilbert" than any other fictional character I've ever watched

Yep this is me going on and on about Nina Dobrev, someone I hope to meet one day..
along with Ian and Paul..

but mostly I wanna meet Nina... and im going to insert some photo's here of her looking gorgeous

  and here is one of her and Ian

and one of Ian and Paul

and one of just Ian showing off his Daylight Ring like a boss

I am seriously OBSESSED with the show and it's cast!
and Next year Ian and Nina are going to take home that award along with the Syfy cata and the Drama one, they work way too hard not to!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Christmas look!

This is the look i pulled together on Christmas Eve, I didn't wear any makeup 
on Christmas Day 
I did a red cut crease with an opaque white on the lid 
I then did a black eyeliner on the lashline added mascara 
I was going for a candy cane feel but to me it looked more like Santa hats... 

                                                   I then did a light pink lip and a rose cheek

                                              I hope you guys had an awesome Holiday Season!