Monday, March 19, 2012

My Hair, the past,present and future plus the products i use and what hasn't worked for me...

Hey guys!! so today i wanted to post something cause it's been such a long time. so i thought, why not do something about my hair.. so here it is. now im going to start by telling you what type of hair i have,

I have course thick massive curly hair..

and here is my long and painful hair story.. 

 it's been a long road to accepting that my hair isn't straight.. 
when i was 12 i had long slightly wavy hair, i loved it! it was a beautiful color and soft and long, then shortly after i turned 13 it started to change, my life had gotten hard and stressful and for the most part full of tears, 

I don't know how it got to be curly, i can't really say. it just happened. and i fought it.. i hated it.. and with just gel and a cheap blowdryer what was I do to, so I would either put it up as soon as i got out of the shower or i would put a ton of gel in it and try to make it straight, and about this time my absolutely beautiful sister had straight long bleach blond hair. and it was natural, everyone would coo and say how beautiful she was and how lovely her hair was. and I was just there... I fought my hair for a very long time.. at 17 I did something crazy.. I dyed my beautiful red brown hair blue black and made my sister help me cut it to my chin... at this time i was into the Emo theme.. so i would put a lot of gel and try to get it straight, but it ended up looking like a triangle of frizz and it looked terrible.. I kept dying it black until i was 19ish and i tried to let it grow out but i would just get tired of seeing the roots and dye it back.. 
This is when i was sporting my cleo bangs, which was a baaddd idea and me blowdrying it straight everyday
which caused alot of damage, so i did something crazy, after work one day i walked over to the hair salon and had all my damaged hair cut off, 

To say that everyone was shocked was a understatement, but while getting my hair cut the stylist styled it with a spray gel, letting my natural curls shine and shape beautifully, 
people i had worked with had no idea that my hair was curly.. i actually had a boss follow me and stop me to ask if i had gotten a perm, i was shocked at how my hair had gotten a positive response when before i had fought it so hard that it had become something that i had hated.. and now i can say i LOVE my hair... but it was still a journey to find the right products the right style and the right hair cut 

I let it grow out, and i started experimenting with colors... 
first i dyed it red, then that faded quickly then i started looking at fun colors, 

I put bright pink streaks in my hair... I loved it then but now i look at it and see a hot mess... lol then i let it grow out then i tried this 
 I have no words for this... none.. I try to pretend that it didn't happen.. my sister looks like a model though! pretty Boo! 
then sometime after that i tried to go blond. thankfully pictures don't exist with that tragic mistake.. 
Neon orange and some yellow it was just BADD then i think i dyed my hair back brown.. and it grew out pretty good.. then i got itchy to try something new.. and this is what came out
 My bob, I LOVED this hair cut, my hair felt so good and light and it was such easy upkeep! 

i kept up the bob for awhile 

          then i decided to grow it out, now let me tell you! a bob is sooo hard to grow out. especially an a-line bob.. 
            so i let it grow and let it grow.. and then 2 summers ago i decided i wanted highlights -_-

this is them grown out quite a bit, and as you can see i am growing out my hair then right before my birthday i went back to a dark brown
So here I'm pretty satisfied with my hair, the length,color and cut.. 
so i continue to let it grow, and it was probably about 6 months that i'd had a hair cut in this picture

so this was about 10 months and you can see that it had pretty much stopped growing.. and this was in December and that in retail language is busiest time of the year... 

then about the middle of march i decided to get my hair cut.. and this was 13 months without getting a hair cut.. 
and this is what i got 
I got a ton of short layers, and it was cute at first, but im still growing out that top layer, it's become so heavy and weird that i go about every 5 to 6 weeks to get it trimmed and faded in.. 
so the next time i change my hair it's right before my birthday last year.. and this is what i did 

OMMMMBREEEE hair, and i loved it! and i miss it, but it damaged my hair soooo bad, i was ombre for about 3 months before i just dyed it all back black.. 

So this is me, present day, and im pretty happy with my hair, I've decided to stay dark all summer.. and as for my Holy Grail products, well here they are!

I rarely ever straighten my hair or use heat on it! i love all my products! they work wonders for me.. the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy renewal blah blah works wonders, i love it! and it's worth every penny! the Curly Sexy Hair i found at ross for 7 bucks, you can't beat that and i am in love with it, i feels like a serum and you  put it in your hair and it holds all the curl without being crunchy, which i HATE and it's why i stay away from mousse blech i hate mousse and the HE curling creme is AHHMAZINGG it smells good and holds my curl like NOTHING i've ever tried before. i love it.. and the detangler is pretty awesome too, I def recommend all 4 of these products.. and i always use a heat protectant when i use heat on my hair.. 

okay on to what hasn't worked for me..

anything mousse related, Garnier fructise ANYTHING it weighs down my hair and makes it gross... argon oil.. it does nothing, maybe im not using it right.. or maybe the kind i have is cheap.. but it just didn't do anything for me... 
and i think that is it for the longest blog i've ever posted, and all my curly girls out there! LOVE YOUR HAIRRR it's beautiful.. even if sometimes it's difficult to manage! and put down the flat iron too. it's just not worth it!.. lol have a good day ya'll!   

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Show me your peacock! makeup tutorial

Hey guys! I know it's been forever... but here I am.. and I'm here with a super pretty look that I did on my sister! 

I started off using Maybelline's eye tattoo in Edgy Emerald, I took a similar green from my ELF 100 palette and patted it over to make the color more intense next I mixed a blue and purple from the same ELF palette and placed that into the outer corner and crease, I brought the crease pretty far in almost to the bridge of her nose.. I lined her top and bottom lash line with Urban Decays eyeshadow pencil in clash then i lined her upper and lower water line with a black gel liner and finished with mascara! 

For her cheeks I used Maybelline's bouncy blush in Candy Coral and on her lips is Maybelline's superstay stain gloss in pink blush

and that completes the look! I love how this turned out.. have a good day all!