Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Someone like you, My Adele inspired look

I have a HUGGEEEE girl crush on Adele.. she is vastly talented,Gorgeous and is super humble about it she is FLAWLESS in my eyes..

for my face i used Covergirl's Clean makeup in the Oil Control formula (Which im running out of!) a setting powder and a tiny bit of bronzer
 for the eyes i used a matte skintone color a matte chocolate brown and a dark brown with some shimmer.. i chose warmer tones because they flatter me but if you look better with more of a cool toned brown then use that
 For the lips i used my Covergirl lipperfection color in Temptress then used a nude gloss to tone it down a little
 We all know that Adele loves her fake eyelashes but im complete rubbish when it comes to putting them on
 Look it's my Ombre hair! (Im a red head now)
I hope you enjoyed! what are your thoughts on Adele? personally i can't get enough of her!
Love you guys! stay Classy! <3

"I love seeing Lady Gaga's boobs and bum," she says. "I love seeing Katy Perry's boobs and bum. Love it. But that's not what my music is about. I don't make music for eyes. I make music for ears." Adele- Love this quote!

You like me? you really like me? lol

First Off I'd Like To Thank Sandra From for the award! thank you sweetie! <3

Okay 7 things about me... humm

1.I have unhealthy obsession with The Vampire Diaries and Ian Somerhalder

2.I was a tom boy up until 1 and a 1/2 years ago until i discovered Youtube, now makeup is what i want to do the rest of my life.. i love it!

3.I have a beauuutttiifffuulll Maltese named Princess Avril Louise (Avril or Bunny for short) and she is spoiled rotten! she has more clothes than i do!

4.I live in Georgia, born, raised generations of my family have lived here and i love it.. even though it gets terribly hot and humid

5.I used to be seriously Emo, black hair black clothes angsty feelings i wrote poems about death and so on and so forth i had this DARK burgundy lipstick that i would wear with a thick eyeliner and thats it no mascara or foundation or anything

6. I used to HATE my curly hair.. now i love it.. (most of the time)

7. I have never been in love.. crazy right? I just haven't found the right guy..

and i know im supposed to line 15 bloggers buutttt im feeling a little lazy forgive me? haha

have a nice Wednesday lovelies!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vampire Diaries Series, Elena Gilbert, Picture Heavy

I have a confession, i have a HUGE girl crush on Nina Dobrev, seriously i think i have a problem.. but thankfully TVD season 3 is just a week away! i am sooooo excited.. i got the second season on dvd and finished it in 3 days im soooo pumped for this next season! but lets get to the look

Face:Covergirl Clean Oil Control wet and wild bronzer in goddess all over the face for warmth and a little bit of a rosy blush on the apples of my cheeks

Eyes: I used a peach color all over the lid and in the inner corner i used a bronzy brown in the crease and under the lash line I lined my upper lashline with my ELF liquid liner I used Tarte's lights camera lashes mascara

Lips: It's hard to really get her lips down they seem to change every episode from a light rosy color to a totally nude so i did a little bit of both i used rose and lightly applied it to my lips them blended it out then i put a nude gloss over. I think it came out pretty decent

I hope you enjoyed! Next up will be Caroline! and it will be a 2n1 her natural look and then her badass vamp look! have a great day everyone! <3

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For Elyse

I was asked by a dear friend to help her figure out an easy eye look for her friends wedding that wouldn't clash with her dress, so i chose something fool proof
 I used a champagne color all over the lid, in the inner corner i used a shimmery pale beige then in the crease i used a matte brown, you can use a shimmery brown or any complimentary color, and now i made this super easy i used a flat shader brush and stamped the color into the crease now you can also do this with a sponge tip applicator just make sure you start with a little and build up the color, you can always add more it's the taking away part that's going to be difficult  then i blended it out with a crease brush but you can use your fingers just blend until you get it right, and practice this look before the day just to experiment
 I just used a peachy nude lipstick with a peach lipgloss over the top

and just a little advice, if you are in the wedding party remember that there will be photos so stay away from anything with any type of SPF because with flash photography it will do this thing called a white cast which will make you look like a ghost and go just a little heavy handed on the blush and bronzer because flash photography bleaches out colors I hope you like the look Elyse! :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Emerald Smokey eye

Just a short post today I hope everyone is enjoying Labor day weekend! I did this smokey eye a few weeks ago and i wanted to share it...

For foundation i used my covergirl clean foundation in the Oil Control formula i used a bronzer all over my face to add warmth and concentrated  it on my cheeks for a bronzy blush
I used a forest green all over the lid and into the crease with a tiny bit of black in the outer corner and a white in the innercorner and as a brow highlight, I used the Falsies Mascara and rimmed my waterline in black

For the lips i used a color called Tiger eye, im not sure from what brand but it's a orangy beige color then i just topped it off with a clear gloss

I hope you guys enjoyed! have a great rest of your weekend! <3