Thursday, August 23, 2012

what have I been up too? lets catch up part 1

So It's been a super busy summer... I've been lounging by the pool, working and having fun with my friends... and I always look at my birthday as bittersweet, I love my birthday but it always signifies to me the end of the summer.. which makes me sad.. all the pools close, the kids go back to school, the days get shorter and the dream of the perfect summer is over,

but enough with the melodrama and here are some pictures

I had an awesome summer!! how was yours??

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

To say that it's been awhile would be a huge understatement...

So I don't even know what to say.. should I apologize for the 4 month hiatus. or maybe just say well i was busy? I don't really know..

How about I tell about the exciting things..

I went on a date.. yay! except the guy never called or texted after.. :( bummer..

I got a job at a salon I'll be doing wedding,proms and lessons when asked.. I'm excited.. my first job is aug 29th 2 days after my 25th birthday.. I can't believe how old I am.. it's insane.. and then recently a friend offered me a job helping with his Color Guard team.. so exciting things are coming up and I wanted to make sure to bring my blog back to life..

so today I revamped it and I'm excited to start posting again

so today im going to start with giving you guys a link to my Instagram.. I'm always posting on there
SaundraDee87 so follow me if you want

so keep an eye out for my new posts!