Sunday, October 30, 2011


Man i was a busy bee the Saturday before Halloween,I did the makeup for 2 friends my sister and myself, whew, it was FUN though I loved EVERY second of it! I will always love the high i get from doing makeup, the most rewarding thing is making my clients happy, making them glow..

Up first was Katie! i seriously LOVE this girl. she is beautiful inside and out and i hope i get more chances to do her makeup!

I did a simple purple smokey eye with a pop of really light pink in the innercorner, I added fake lashes and mascara. i then did a tiny bit of blush and bronzer with a clear gloss
My sister did her hair, she rolled it then teased at the crown then pinned it in what i like to call a Snookie poof (lol) and Katie was done! I had so much fun on her (I call dibs on wedding makeup)
Thank you SO much Katie for giving me the opportunity to do your makeup!

Next up was my friend Veronica! I've known her for it seems like forever! she's sweet and so cute! love ya girl! now she was going to a zombie prom so i pictured in my head mix a prom queen/goth/zombie and it came out GREAT!

 I did a cut crease eye with a red lid and black cut crease, i just did the same zombie face that i did with my sister except with a different eye and not so severe undereye circles
My sister again did the hair she used hot rollers and then teased it to give it more volume, the whole look turned out great and i was super happy with it! Thanks Veronica for being awesome and letting me put a ton of crap on your face lol! love ya!

My sister is next, she was a circa 1960's playboy bunny
 So this was pretty simple to throw together, I did a skintoned matte color all over the lid then a warm brown in the crease i wanted it to be pretty dramatic so i did a cut crease and winged eyeliner, for her lips i used a warm red by Maybelline Colorsensational line but im not sure what shade it was, but any red would work, I used a good amount of a pink sparkly blush and topped it all off with super dramatic lashes
 She curled her hair with a half inch curling iron then pin curled it to her hair so it would set

 This is what it looked like all pulled together, i kept calling her Marilyn, something about the way she carried herself and of course the blond hair and red lips, made me think of her
this is my favorite picture of the night, she's with one of our good friends Amber

Last but not least is me, It took me awhile to come up with what i wanted to be, i was Snookie last year, so i wanted something more creative, i was settled on a witch until I saw a Florence and the Machine video where Florence was different kinds of birds and that's when I knew, i wanted to be a black bird
so here is what i came up with

 I did my normal foundation routine then i added bronzer to my cheeks for my eyes i took liquid eyeliner and simply started drawing lines, it was actually super easy and really cool to look at, i added fake lases and kept my eyelids and lips pretty nude
 for my hair my sister again did it, i did my hair like normal then she teased it all like crazy (this was not fun to brush out) and we added feathers

 My costume was pretty easy to come up with and cost 16 dollars, i got my black dress on clearance and the feather boa's were buy one get one free at the mall

I had so much fun that day! it was awesome, and i hope that there are many more times!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Braiinnsssssssssssssssssss (Zombie)

This was supperr creepy to do, i am not a fan of zombies but i really wanted to do it so i did,

I made her super pale mixing her foundation with a white cream makeup. then i suppeerr contoured her face and added alot of bruising around her eyes using a purple and blue eyeshadow, i used a matte brown and grey for the contouring add mascara and eyeliner if you want

she kept looking at me all creepy.. ick! lol all i did for her lips was apply the white cream foundation and put fake blood all over her mouth and down her throat, and i've learned the more random the more natural it looks

I tried to get her to take a walk around the neighborhood all casual like, but she wouldn't.. haha
I hope you guys have a spooky night!!

Next up is Marie Antoinette


I told her not to smile, Zombies DO not smile and she started to laugh!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Something wicked this way comes! (Witch)

So I'm pretty much in the Halloween spirit.. and thankfully in the midst of all the crazyness in my house my sister is more that happy to let me borrow her face,

this was NOT easy, omg the green was a MONSTER to blend.. but none the less here it is!

 I Blended a green cream makeup all over her face very veryyy carefully then i contoured with a grey/brown mix both matte finishes i then gave her a black smokey eye and cherry red lips i topped it off with a very red blush

she looks completely different! she had a crazy black wig from last Halloween and an old witch hat
im going to try to tackle a Zombie for the next blog post..

Have a spooky night everyone! <3

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This isn't your average sparkly Edward Cullen (Vampire Look)

When i do stuff like this it reminds me how much I love makeup, it can transform a healthy looking female into someone who looks like they just rose from the grave, I hope you enjoy, cause im rather proud of this.. 

I started out with her having a clean face, when you are working with dark colors you are going to get alot of fallout, I packed on a matte black all over the lid and into the crease, this takes time, build the color slowly so you get an even application, it's easy to add it's not easy to take away. so just be careful i then blended a red into the crease and all the way up to the brow, at the crease it's going to turn purple which is what you want it to do, i packed on a generous amount of red to get it to really stand out. I then blended the black and red under the eyes pretty thickly, blend very very well to get a tired/dead look I then lined the upper and lower waterline then smudged a little at the lashline 

For the face i mixed her regular foundation with a white cream makeup that you get in your average Halloween makeup kit, at first it was hard to blend then i used my fingers and it really melted into her face. 
I then took a matte white eyeshadow and set it to get a completely matte finish, I mixed a matte grey and brown together and contoured her face making her face look sunken in 

For her lips i mixed a red and a dark berry, i didn't line her lips this look can have messy lipstick cause it makes you look like you just ate something delish.. lol 

I then applied fake blood to her chin and neck 

 ^this is my favorite pic!

I had SOOO much fun doing this! i hope this is helpful if you want to be a Vampire, and if you remove the blood this could work for any evil costume! 

stay scary ya'll! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm a Sparkly Fairy! Halloween look

So i got home from work and decided to apply alot of glitter to my face, lol actually i just needed to get a jump on my Halloween looks. and this is my "Good Fairy" and you could use this for an Angel costume also.

this was super easy, just apply your face as normal contour add a ton of sparkly blush then grab a super light grey almost white you can use white or a light pink also pack it on your lid and in the inner corner and also take it all the way around your eye this will give you a wide eyed innocent look which is what you want to go for, i then blended a tiny bit of dark grey in the outer V then topped it with about a thousand coats of mascara, i recommend long wispy lashed for a wide eyed look

 Then i took a glitter liner and basically used it all over the line concentrating on the innercorner and the bottom lashline  i then used a glittergel and applied it from the temples to the top of my cheekbones, and just an fyi, it's super hard to photograph and capture glitter.. ugh.. so difficult

but in real life it looks very ethereal i added a light pink lipstick then put the glittergel allover my lips then sealed it all with a glittery gloss..

and thats it! a really pretty Fairy look that is super simple.. just add alot of glitter and voila! lol have a good night y'all!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lets go Warriors!

My Mom had the fab idea to go support her old highschool football team.. and i was like wait.. cute highschool boys? im SOOO there and in pure makeup loving fashion wanted to do something verryyy festive! so the school colors are orange and dark blue complete opposites on the color wheel which can be challenging but i decided to go in head first and this is what i came up with
 the angle is kinda weird but that's basically it i used an orange cream based eyeshadow then topped it with a orange powder shadow i did a cut crease with the blue i did a winged eyeliner and added mascara i just used a pink gloss on my lips
this is my mom and sister! we had such a great time and i hope there will be many more games!