Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm a Sparkly Fairy! Halloween look

So i got home from work and decided to apply alot of glitter to my face, lol actually i just needed to get a jump on my Halloween looks. and this is my "Good Fairy" and you could use this for an Angel costume also.

this was super easy, just apply your face as normal contour add a ton of sparkly blush then grab a super light grey almost white you can use white or a light pink also pack it on your lid and in the inner corner and also take it all the way around your eye this will give you a wide eyed innocent look which is what you want to go for, i then blended a tiny bit of dark grey in the outer V then topped it with about a thousand coats of mascara, i recommend long wispy lashed for a wide eyed look

 Then i took a glitter liner and basically used it all over the line concentrating on the innercorner and the bottom lashline  i then used a glittergel and applied it from the temples to the top of my cheekbones, and just an fyi, it's super hard to photograph and capture glitter.. ugh.. so difficult

but in real life it looks very ethereal i added a light pink lipstick then put the glittergel allover my lips then sealed it all with a glittery gloss..

and thats it! a really pretty Fairy look that is super simple.. just add alot of glitter and voila! lol have a good night y'all!

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