Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Years Resolutions!

I never make resolutions, I make goals and promises to myself, and i usually keep them secret but this year im going to share them

1st goal:Find a new job
2nd goal:Do my first job as a MUA and get payed for it
3rd goal:Have MORE fun
4th goal:Eat healthier and more than once a day
5th goal:Try to be more graceful with my words..
6th goal:Meet Ian Somerhalder
7th: goal:Get a 2nd tattoo
and now onto my promises

I Make these promises to myself,
I will go out with friends more, I'm not going to let little things get to me, I'm going to read more, Focus on my Makeup portfolio, Make more friends, Take many more photos, Love more freely,Spend more time with my Niece Sam, Im going to be more honest, be less cruel, Im going to take everything with a grain of salt, Be nicer to my Sister and my Mom, Im going to let love find me instead of looking and last but not least im going to be kinder to myself, and be more confident instead of saying i can't im going to do it instead, because i am capable of anything...

Have a wonderful New Year guys!


Friday, December 30, 2011

Website RAVE!

So I don't know about you guys but I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, Mostly on the Hair and Beauty category. but sometimes it can get super repetitive, Well kids I have found it... the makeup junkies equivalent to porn.. and it's called 

Seriously open a new tab and type that in... it is amazing! go on.. I will wait for you while you do it....

Okay so I'm hopeful that you actually went to the site.. talk about some serious inspiration.. I love it, I'm on it more than Pinterest now.. it's addictive so do yourself a favor and sign up.. you can upload pictures and enter into contests and you can link your blog in it too! 

And you are SOOO welcome my friends...

P.S I know it's been a long time and here are some blogs i have coming up


My Christmas Presents 

New Years Resolutions 

and much much more! 

<3's,stars,glitter and kisses to you all! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silver Bells, A dramatic smokey look for the holidays!

It's 10 day's until Christmas! who's excited?? i know i am! I love this look for holiday party's and you can even use it for new years!

I used a white base then packed on a light shimmery silver, I was going to use black for the crease then i decided to use a dark blue, I used a shimmery white for the inner corner and brow highlight, i then lined my upper lash line with a black liquid liner I added a little bit of silver glitter on top of the liner to give it a little something extra

 I then used a red lipstick from Maybelinne called Red Revolution

Have a great day guys! <3's

Monday, December 12, 2011

My favorite time of year!!!

Guess what? it's CHRISTMAS/HANUKKAH/whatever you celebrate time

I happen to celebrate Christmas, and i know it's been awhile, but in the crazyness of moving and thanksgiving and my camera getting lost.. cut me some slack.. but i have found my camera and can happily start posting again, but to tide you over im going to give you an oldie but a goody

I did one of my friends makeup AGES ago and i have yet to post it, but here it is!

Im calling it Cranberry Smoke
 I used a frosty cranberry shade, I packed it on the lid and then used a matte black for the crease/outer corner I used a frosty white for the inner corner and brow highlight
 I used a medium pink with a pink gloss

I don't remember what blush i used but im sure it was an elf one.

I will be back with a new festive Christmas look on Wen! have a good monday/tuesday everyone!! <3