Monday, December 12, 2011

My favorite time of year!!!

Guess what? it's CHRISTMAS/HANUKKAH/whatever you celebrate time

I happen to celebrate Christmas, and i know it's been awhile, but in the crazyness of moving and thanksgiving and my camera getting lost.. cut me some slack.. but i have found my camera and can happily start posting again, but to tide you over im going to give you an oldie but a goody

I did one of my friends makeup AGES ago and i have yet to post it, but here it is!

Im calling it Cranberry Smoke
 I used a frosty cranberry shade, I packed it on the lid and then used a matte black for the crease/outer corner I used a frosty white for the inner corner and brow highlight
 I used a medium pink with a pink gloss

I don't remember what blush i used but im sure it was an elf one.

I will be back with a new festive Christmas look on Wen! have a good monday/tuesday everyone!! <3

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