Friday, December 30, 2011

Website RAVE!

So I don't know about you guys but I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, Mostly on the Hair and Beauty category. but sometimes it can get super repetitive, Well kids I have found it... the makeup junkies equivalent to porn.. and it's called 

Seriously open a new tab and type that in... it is amazing! go on.. I will wait for you while you do it....

Okay so I'm hopeful that you actually went to the site.. talk about some serious inspiration.. I love it, I'm on it more than Pinterest now.. it's addictive so do yourself a favor and sign up.. you can upload pictures and enter into contests and you can link your blog in it too! 

And you are SOOO welcome my friends...

P.S I know it's been a long time and here are some blogs i have coming up


My Christmas Presents 

New Years Resolutions 

and much much more! 

<3's,stars,glitter and kisses to you all! 

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