Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Sister number 2

Rebekah is so fierce, she too had to have her own Blog Post

Ladies and gentlemen,

I present to you

My Baby Sister

Kristin is so fierce, she had to have her own blog post

I was going to have her in with the others, when it dawned on me..

bitch is TO FIERCE so she gets her own..

My bestie and the stupid gorgeous


 I couldn't put her in with my other girls cause she's not only beautiful she's always been there for me and I can talk to her about anything.. this girl is like... ughh idk but I love her so much!

Models part 3

Up Next is 


 Amanda Loo! <3

 Amanda and Kristin

 Mommy!!! <3


 My sister Rebekah and Katey

 Rebekah and Heather