Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Years Resolutions!

I never make resolutions, I make goals and promises to myself, and i usually keep them secret but this year im going to share them

1st goal:Find a new job
2nd goal:Do my first job as a MUA and get payed for it
3rd goal:Have MORE fun
4th goal:Eat healthier and more than once a day
5th goal:Try to be more graceful with my words..
6th goal:Meet Ian Somerhalder
7th: goal:Get a 2nd tattoo
and now onto my promises

I Make these promises to myself,
I will go out with friends more, I'm not going to let little things get to me, I'm going to read more, Focus on my Makeup portfolio, Make more friends, Take many more photos, Love more freely,Spend more time with my Niece Sam, Im going to be more honest, be less cruel, Im going to take everything with a grain of salt, Be nicer to my Sister and my Mom, Im going to let love find me instead of looking and last but not least im going to be kinder to myself, and be more confident instead of saying i can't im going to do it instead, because i am capable of anything...

Have a wonderful New Year guys!


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  1. I also want to meet Ian. Man that boy is FINE!

    <3 Marisa