Saturday, October 22, 2011

Braiinnsssssssssssssssssss (Zombie)

This was supperr creepy to do, i am not a fan of zombies but i really wanted to do it so i did,

I made her super pale mixing her foundation with a white cream makeup. then i suppeerr contoured her face and added alot of bruising around her eyes using a purple and blue eyeshadow, i used a matte brown and grey for the contouring add mascara and eyeliner if you want

she kept looking at me all creepy.. ick! lol all i did for her lips was apply the white cream foundation and put fake blood all over her mouth and down her throat, and i've learned the more random the more natural it looks

I tried to get her to take a walk around the neighborhood all casual like, but she wouldn't.. haha
I hope you guys have a spooky night!!

Next up is Marie Antoinette


I told her not to smile, Zombies DO not smile and she started to laugh!


  1. Her eyes look great xxx

  2. I love the zombie smile! =)

    - Marisa