Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For Elyse

I was asked by a dear friend to help her figure out an easy eye look for her friends wedding that wouldn't clash with her dress, so i chose something fool proof
 I used a champagne color all over the lid, in the inner corner i used a shimmery pale beige then in the crease i used a matte brown, you can use a shimmery brown or any complimentary color, and now i made this super easy i used a flat shader brush and stamped the color into the crease now you can also do this with a sponge tip applicator just make sure you start with a little and build up the color, you can always add more it's the taking away part that's going to be difficult  then i blended it out with a crease brush but you can use your fingers just blend until you get it right, and practice this look before the day just to experiment
 I just used a peachy nude lipstick with a peach lipgloss over the top

and just a little advice, if you are in the wedding party remember that there will be photos so stay away from anything with any type of SPF because with flash photography it will do this thing called a white cast which will make you look like a ghost and go just a little heavy handed on the blush and bronzer because flash photography bleaches out colors I hope you like the look Elyse! :)

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  1. looks beautttt. such a striking look cos of the hair, me likey!