Monday, August 1, 2011

I really HATE Mondays! Neutral plum look

 I Used a pale pink all over the lid from my 100 ELF palette and then a deep plum from a wet and wild palette in the crease... just a little liquid liner on the the top lashline
 For the lips i used ELF Classy with rimmels gloss in east end snob
 for the face i used Revlons colorstay foundation,covergirls clean oil control powder and my ELF blush and bronzer duo

OMG i really hate Mondays... ugh why is it that some people are incapable of  doing their job? ugh then i miss bowling night with all my friends!!! but silver lining is that my Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette came today! yay! my only issue with that is UPS left it infront of my door because i was at work.. well i wouldn't have minded that but i live in a shady aprt complex so i was having a conniption! luckily My mom saved it for me so when i got home i opened it and i LOVE it! so muchhhh ughhh best 58 dollars and some odd cents i've spent! so i've been thinking about doing outfits of the day, but what do you guys think?? well im going to go dive into bed and try to forget this day EVER happened! love you all
and remember no matter who pisses you off stay Classy and Flirty! <3


  1. Beuatiful look! your eyes remind me of some actress. :)
    Btw I like your blog. Im your new follower and would love if you follow back :)

  2. i love the neutral with the plum undertone eye look!

  3. thankyou you are so sweet :) love this look on you xx

  4. lol i love this look loads! definitely my kinda thing (the more neutral/natural look etc) love your blog too so I am your new follower :) please take a look at mine too, would mean so much if you could follow back! xoxo