Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feather extensions/earrings my FAVORITE trend for Summer/Fall

 I ADORE this trend! like LOVE it sooo much.. i love the more natural ones more than the colorful ones but those are cute to! Selena and Lucy pull these off so well and i think they are really flattering
 I've been seriously considering getting one but luckily for me i found a hair clip that look's like one and i can put it in and remove it at my leisure
Another trend I love also has to do with feathers and it's the feather earrings

 I love the red! <3
 Super pretty!

 I Love Lucy Hale!

So cute! so how do you guys feel about the Feather trend? and it's not just extensions and earrings it's necklaces,clothes,purses and other accessories! i love it all but these two are my favorite but again I love this trend and i hope it stays around for awhile cause i'll be wearing them for a LONG time!


  1. I love the look of feather extensions! I bought some glitter ones that I am dying to try one day.

    I tried a pair of peacock feather earrings and they were just too light. They kept blowing everywhere and getting tangled in my hair ... they were frustrating! LOL. Those I recommend for in door use with hair up ONLY. :)

    Love the post darling!

    - Marisa

  2. LOVE feather earrings... I think feathers is a must have this season... You have a new follower... Like your blog.. :)
    xo Sandy

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    1. Kiki try: | | for cruelty-free extra long feather earrings. Hope that helps :)wish you all wonderful day.

  4. @Kiki Anywhere! Target,walmart,forever21 rue 21 ect ect! just go looking!

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