Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary eyeshadow palette!

So, i've been LUSTING after this eyeshadow palette ever since it came out.. i love urban decay and had to have the the limited edition all new shadows! but unfortunately it's been sold out at the Urban Decay website and i couldn't find it on sephora or ulta.. so i waited and waited and low and behold i got an email today from sephora telling me that they had received it and i was out with my Mom at dinner.. but thanks to my handy dandy Android i could order it right then and there and not rush through dinner and rush home to order this lovely palette! i cannot wait to get it! im more excited then a kid at Christmas!! I mean but how can i not be?? have you seen the masterpiece! i was talking to my mom and she gasped when i told her i almost payed 60 dollars for it but i explained that they were all brand new limited addition colors i cannot tell you how excited i am to get this!! AHH


Alright ladies stay classy and flirty!

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