Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Selena Gomez I Love You Like a Love Song Inspired Looks, the last look feat. Erica

The lighting does not do this look justice! but here it is! i have no idea what she used on her face as foundation but i added a little bronzer to warm up her face and a pink blush.. on her eyes i used a very glittery champagne color and a bronzy brown in the outer corner

For her lips I used a bright pink by covergirl called temptress I LOVE working on Erica, she's beautiful and super sweet! i did her makeup for prom and she's like a little sister to me! I wish i could have taken pictures in daylight

but luckily for you guys i recreated the look with better lighting and a lot more black eyeliner!
i think of this look as a daytime version and the one i did on myself a fun nighttime clubbing look!

and a HUGE thanks to Kiki for letting me do her makeup! i love ya girrrlll

Happy Hump day guys!

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