Thursday, January 24, 2013

A good foundation!

I want to touch on the importance of a good primer and foundation, just like a sound structure the foundation is the most important part, you can try to build something beautiful on top of a faulty foundation but it's not going to look good, so you have to start with a clean canvas 

Skin care is very important depending on the type of skin you have you need to be taking care of it's needs because it doesn't matter how much you cake on if your skin looks dehydrated and flaky it's going to show and it's going to be the star of the show.. so make sure that you are cleansing,exfoliating and moisturizing
and whatever you do, Do NOT sleep in your makeup.. it's bad for your skin it causes build up which causes black heads and acne, plus your skin breathes at night so having a full face of makeup on while sleeping isn't only going to ruin your pillow cases it's going to take a toll out on your skin.. if you are to lazy or are just to drunk an easy thing to do is have some makeup removing wipes by your bed. 

Having a good moisturizer is very important also, it helps heal,protect and it makes a good base for your foundation.. and all my ladies with oily skin, yes you still need to moisturize, they make specific ones for oily skin.. they make them for all skin types you just have to look.. and you can get fairly decent ones at the drugstore 

Priming your skin not only preps your skin for foundation by filling in wrinkles and pores it also can keep oil at bay and it prolongs the wear so I recommend that you invest in one 

Now for the star of the show your foundation, having the right foundation can make or break your makeup look.. Invest in a good one and yes you can find them at drugstores. my favorites are the ones at the drugstore and I will be doing some reviews on my favorites.. but I always recommend Revlons Colorstay, they have a formula for dry skin and one for oily skin! and it lasts ALL DAY. Applying foundation is something that comes down to personal preference. I use my fingers I feel like it makes for a more natural and fuller coverage finish.. 

if you have any questions, just ask!   

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